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Has your purchase of solar panels left you disappointed and out of pocket?

Thousands of solar panel customers have found themselves out of pocket when it comes to their eco-friendly investment.

At The Associate Law Firm, we specialise in acting on behalf of clients who have been left dissatisfied, and in many cases facing financial difficulties, following the purchase of solar energy systems.

Many clients tell us that they purchased solar panels based on figures provided by pushy sales representatives, and have now found their systems are failing to provide the financial returns or electricity savings promised at the point of sale. Many feel that they were coerced into entering high-interest/long term finance agreements to fund the purchase of panels, resulting in significant financial loss to them.

We have identified numerous incidents where sales representatives have persistently and knowingly ignored consumer protection law and industrial standards to generate sales of solar panels by providing heavily exaggerated figures and/or misleading statements relating to: solar panel performance; the amount of money generated via Feed in Tariffs; the pay-back period and savings on electricity bills.

Calculations used during sales presentations to our clients were unrealistic as they were based on optimum conditions and were not reflective of their personal system – factors such as shading, roof angle and the overall roof direction can dramatically reduce the system’s performance and hence the revenue generated and the bill savings achieved.

We also represent customers whose systems have been found to be faulty – typically, concerns are raised by the electricity company when a system appears to be underperforming.

We have also acted for a number of clients who have entered into a lease contract with the solar company, renting out their roof to someone else for 20-25 years. The contracts we have come across are very much in favour of the solar company. For example:

  • They stipulate that our clients have to get consent during the term of the lease if they want to sell their house or make any alterations – such as a loft conversion – near the solar PV system.
  • If our clients need the panels to be removed for a period – to do maintenance work on the roof, for example – they must compensate the solar company for the missed FIT payments.
  • If our clients want to sell their home within the 20- 25-year lease period, they have to find a buyer who is happy to take on the lease for the remainder of the contract, as it will stay with the house.
  • Some of our clients have a charge on their house which they didn’t know about.

If you feel that any of the above circumstances apply to you, please contact us to discuss a possible claim. Due to our continuing success on our solar panel claims we are happy to offer a “no win no fee” basis and limit our fees to 30% + VAT* upon success. For those of our clients who purchased their panels on a credit agreement, our team will seek to clear any outstanding monies owed under the agreement, in addition to any payments you have made to date.

If you would like to talk to one of our team, please contact us at THE ASSOCIATE LAW FIRM on 0191 280 4128 / 0191 280 4124 or send an email to janejelly@theassociatelawfirm.co.uk